FAT Technology
Factom Asset Tokens (FAT) provides a highly efficient and secure foundation on which to build tokens.  
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What is FAT?

Factom Asset Tokens (FAT) are a collection of open source, data-only blockchain tokenization standards. FAT Tokens open up affordable, secure crypto tokens to the world. Anyone can send, receive, and create their own tokens for a low fixed cost. FAT offers the security of Bitcoin and the flexibility of Ethereum, all for 1/100th the price.


Low, Fixed Cost
Fixed at $0.001 USD per transaction and $0.012 USD per new token issuance, FAT has 99% lower transaction and issuance costs than Ethereum Tokens with similar features and speed.
Fungible & Non-Fungible Tokens
Issue one-of-a-kind tokens that are individually identifiable or issue tokens that have a decimal accounting system and are all of the same. 
FAT Standards
FAT standards are data only, and are written in universal formats that most programmers already know. Design any logic you desire into FAT token functionality.
Thriving Community
Harness one of the most active and qualified blockchain communities in the world since 2014: The Factom Community. Companies have been awarded multiple Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy, and Gates Foundation grants for their solutions built on the Factom protocol.
Sending and issuing FAT tokens does not require buying crypto from exchanges. The tokens used to pay for FAT transactions & issuances, Entry Credits, are fixed priced and non tradeable, and purchasable online instantly, allowing easier budgeting and reducing regulatory uncertainty.
FAT is built on Factom, a decentralized Blockchain, with dozens of companies running and building on Factom worldwide. Every 10 minutes Factom's data is anchored into the Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchains to prove its existence and secure it forever.
WASM Powered Smart Contracts
Build smart contracts in almost any language on FAT using WASM to control tokens and conduct trustless business processes.
Decentralized Exchange (Coming Soon)
Trustlessly exchange Fungible and Non-Fungible tokens for one another with zero trade fees and no central party, only for the low price of entries on the Factom blockchain.
Explore FAT Tokens
Discover the tokens built by the community that utilize the Factom® Asset Tokens Protocol.
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