The Open-source Tokenization Protocol
The Factom® Asset Token protocol (FAT protocol) is an open source tokenization protocol built on the Factom® blockchain. The FAT Protocol provides a highly efficient and secure infrastructure to issue tokens for just cents.
FAT Technology


FAT natively supports fungible & non-fungible tokens, and has native WebAssembly powered smart contracts for hyper efficient contracts that can be written and run in popular programming languages.

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The FAT protocol has a transparent and fixed pricing model that allows projects to be scaled efficiently and rapidly.  The cost to issue new tokens is fixed at $0.012 USD, and the cost of token transactions is fixed at $0.001 USD.

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FAT is 100% open source technology under creative commons, built by developers like you. Anyone can contribute to FAT. Anyone can use it privately or publicly for any means they wish.

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Discover the tokens built by the community that utilize the Factom® Asset Tokens Protocol.
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news FROM the ecosystem

FAT News


FAT Grant 3

A grant from the Factom ecosystem was awarded to the FAT team to further FAT development, make it more robust and expand the ecosystem.


Triall Initial Token Offering

FAT welcomes the first planned initial token offering in our ecosystem. Welcome Triall!


Smart Contracts Grant

A Factom ecosystem grant was awarded to the FAT team to conduct base development of a smart contract solution on top of FAT.